Child First, Leader Later

Did you see the word ‘leading’ and immediately count yourself out as a suitable reader of this book? Think again! Wendy Mann has written for anyone who desires to nurture and raise the people around them, or who longs to positively influence and shape their workplace, family or neighbourhood. The strap line to the title is: ‘Discover the Joy of Empowering Others’. The contents of this book are not only for ‘leaders’ in the formal, official sense, but easily apply to anyone investing in relationships, including those of discipling and encouraging others. Think again, read and discover that you are highly likely to ‘lead’ well in any context if you focus on developing understanding of your identity as a son or daughter of the Living God. I so enjoyed deepening that identity even as I read this book. It is as much about delighting in who I am as a Christian, a daughter, as it is about growing in my ability to effectively take a lead.

Recently a prophetic word challenged me to be a ‘sheep’ of the Good Shepherd, before being a ‘shepherd’ myself; to be a ‘lion cub’ to the Lion of Judah, before exercising authority; to be a child of my heavenly Father before ‘mothering’ or ‘fathering’ those around me. This book fed into that word—expanding my understanding of how vital it is to know my identity in Christ before ‘ministering’.

Wendy argues that out of this position as son or daughter in relationship with Father we lead best, in every expression of that concept. In the book, there are numerous stories and practical examples of how Wendy learnt this—and not least we benefit from her mistakes and failures, which she describes in all humility. These she processed mainly by seeking to be a daughter before her heavenly Father. It is out of her security as a ‘child’ that Wendy can use her leadership to empower others without fear, and with love and humility.

If you were to have any doubt about her credibility, or her credentials regarding the subject—can she walk the walk?—then the endorsements in the first few pages of the book from her brothers and sisters and fellow leaders in Kings Arms Church, Bedford, England, dispel those doubts. People like to be led by Wendy, and appreciate having her on the team. Individuals have been brought into a fuller expression of themselves by her, too.

Quite obviously, Wendy Mann inspires those around her to excellence, to service and to godliness, and has developed and matured in her own leadership qualities in the real world of work and of church life. She has carried significant responsibility, but also, she has come alongside people in order that they become the best they can be. Her breadth of experience and her desire to serve people well are so evident in the book.

Wendy’s style of writing is engaging and inspiring, and very thought provoking. As a single woman myself, I definitely enjoyed hearing from Wendy’s perspective. Yet, as I said at the outset, this is a book that anyone might find a refreshing approach to the whole subject of leadership.

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