Christian Trends began its journey in 2011 with a simple conviction that God is on move in South Asia, and a desire to capture and engage with that move. We wanted to be an expression in print to serve Jesus.

In these past years we have served our readers with Christian reflection on diverse subjects – integrity, justice, service, witnessing at workplace, children at risk, political responsibilities, science, festivals, women empowerment and social media, and have produced four issues of Seminary Guide –a tool for prospective seminarians.

Now we have made the leap-the leap to the new and the already here medium-the Internet. Through this medium, we seek to spread what’s entrusted to us and present it faithfully in this generation, in a more relevant way. And in this ever changing and fluid web of ideas and trends, we remain rooted in our conviction – Jesus is our anchor, our only constant in this constantly passing world. It is his “still small voice” that this and every generation needs to hear, as much as we need to hear it. This faith has kept us grounded and relevant through seven years of rollercoaster ride.

So welcome aboard. And let us listen together-to what the Holy Spirit is saying to us in these times. If you’ve been a subscriber to our print edition, we want to welcome you back, and encourage you to try this out. We are sure you’ll love the website edition as much as you did the print edition. Things are going to get way more exciting, and we can’t wait to witness it together with you.

Happy reading!