Who Can Elude!

This is based on one of the recurring subjects of the book of Ecclesiastes—the inevitability of death. The Qohelet (or the teacher) in the book emphasises upon the temporariness of life irrespective of who or what we are; death is universal as it is that which evens out things at the end. Yet, there is more that goes behind the scenes than just a meaningless existence.

We don’t know when our time will come,
We just know that it will come.
None can escape its grip,
It is as certain as certainty.
To dust all shall return,
All are destined to perish and decay.

The life we live is not our own,
We breathe not our own breath.
As uncertain as life is,
Temporal are all beings.
Like dew in the morning,
One moment here and the next, gone.

Rich and poor are all fated the same,
So do the wise and the foolish.
Some live for pleasure and status,
Some for benevolence and charity.
No matter good or bad,
Time will eventually catch up to all.
Life on earth is fleeting and brief,
We are but sojourners just passing through.
Some linger longer, some shorter,
Some disappear unknown, some leave legacies behind.
Those left behind lament the loss,
Reminded yet that the same fate awaits all.

We don’t know when our time will come,
We just know that it will come.
But convinced that one thing is certain,
God reigns supreme over it.
We perceive barely a fragment of the infinite,
For greater things are afoot, beyond and outside of us.

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