The Artist’s Artists

This is a reflection based on the idea that God is an artist, that he is a creative God. And so, if we are created in God’s image, we are also creative—we are also artists and our art is unto him.

Every breath she breathed out,
She expired unto the Lord.
Every movement of her form
Expressed praises to Yahweh.

Every note she sang,
She sung unto the Lord.
Every key she pressed
Reverberated adulation to Yahweh.

Every word she wrote,
She penned of the Lord.
Every line she rhymed
Patterned exaltation to Yahweh.

Every stroke of her brush,
She fashioned of the Lord.
Every hue she merged
Kindled adoration to Yahweh.

Every fibre of her being,
She employed for the Lord
Every beat of her heart
Surged worship to Yahweh.

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