Choose this day, whom shall you serve?

The ravenous hunger informing prayers,

covet chains over meat,

The lowly sustenance of life preferred to Life himself.

Give us bread! Give us water! Give us a king!


We toil with holes in our pockets,

slaving affections for mortal masters.

Prostrated postures to our insatiable desires.

Bending and breaking under its taskmasters.

Wants, greed and lusts precede every toil,

God to be at the losing end of our bargain.


“Do you want stones instead of bread? Snakes instead of fish?”


Mocking voices in unison call —

“Crucify him! Crucify him!”

“Give us Barabbas! We serve Caesar only!”


Oh! How we choose to slave for mortal “kings”.

that whip our backs to bear them

over a King who gives, gives us

more than what we ask for.

Extending sceptres, sharing our yokes.

Died at our battle.


All our pursuits and labours dissolve

at the surrender to this King.

Surrender and freedom—the paradox of the cross.


Freedom— the reward of a surrendered soul,

The freedom to lay down our burdens, and

Rest in mercy given.

Freedom—the hope of a forgiven soul,

The freedom that knows no sin can cancel his grace.

Freedom—the life of a redeemed soul

The freedom to be transformed into His image

and all other pursuits shall lose their grip.


Choose this day, whom will you serve?


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