I Am Welcoming You

You keep welcoming me to the wonder that awaits me,
And knowing not the steps in front, I trust You in this journey,
You say You have a plan that I won’t know now,
You say You have a reason that keeps making me ask ‘how’;

How can the water turn into wine, under Your supply?
How can the bread and fish simply multiply?
How can life come back at Your command?
Even when I don’t know how, I believe that You’re still in command.

You’re in command of the world and in debt to no one,
You heard my feeble cry asking you to choose someone
Else, better than me! You deserve someone smarter,
Braver than I could ever be, more equipped for the wonder

You told me of; I don’t think I’ll be able to do You any good,
But You answered, “Your life is not what you do, but what in you, I could,
My child, never forget to count the stars, never forget to number the sand,
Each dream, each step of faith is secure in My mighty Hands!”

“I am welcoming you to the wonder that awaits you,
And you will see how miraculously, I will lead you;
I through you will again, show the World that I am in command!
For your dreams and faith are meant to multiply in My Hands.”

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