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Duke Jeyaraj is an Engineer turned Doctor of Ministry graduate who is also the founder of Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission.

Sin is Sin Even for Celebrity Preachers

For one famous apologist-evangelist, serving God as ministry ‘work’ rather than as the overflow of love for Jesus, created a huge internal vacuum which he filled through adultery. Let us compare his false claims about sexual activity and service to God—and protect our own hearts and lives when ministering for Jesus.
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Do Not Squander the Sanctity of Sex

It is not for nothing that the Bible talks about one-flesh union between man and wife; here’s for you to ‘C’ why sex after and within marriage is way more fulfilling than uncommitted relationships
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The Lust Temptation

Geeta Pandey, a BBC correspondent, wrote the following on the Deepika Padukone’s “cleavage controversy” on September 15, 2014:…
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