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Selling Joseph into slavery

In Genesis 37:25–28 we see that God is at work for the future deliverance of not only Joseph and his family but also many people in Egypt and the Levant
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Rebekah’s Deceit in Genesis 27

The history of the patriarchal line showed that paternal favouritism produced problems and that God sometimes blessed deception when it would save human life from unjust oppressors
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Promise and Providence

In Genesis 24 we see that Abraham’s confidence that Isaac will find the right wife rests on God’s word and His proven trustworthiness
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Faith, At Any Cost

The model of faith that Abraham establishes in Genesis 22 is of a much deeper level because he is ready to sacrifice the very promise he had waited for so many years
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Abraham Obeys Sarah

It was not easy for Abraham to send away his son Ishmael, but he listens to his wife not only to protect Isaac but also God’s promise; a reflection on Genesis 21:10–12
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