Beware, God knows what lies beneath your kidneys…


our body is full of wonder-organs. One such wonder is kidney. Just the size of a closed fist, shaped like bean, and invisible to the naked eye, kidney’s significance can’t be ignored.

Kidneys sit hidden in a hollow space against the back of abdominal wall and are protected by a layer of fat and the muscles attached to the backbone. Both kidneys sit opposite each other, the left being little higher than the right one to accommodate the liver. Though many people can survive with just one kidney, most of us are born with january2017 pullquote1

  • When it comes to work, kidneys are powerhouses of activity. Every minute, 1300ml of blood enter the kidney. Here are a few more of their crucial functions:
  • They balance water level in body: Kidneys adapt to the changing water level in the body. In case of decrease, kidneys retain the water from excreting through urine.
  • They facilitate waste excretion: Kidneys are instrumental in filtering out excessive salts, toxins and other wastes like urea created by cell metabolism.
  • They regulate blood pressure: When the blood pressure falls low, kidneys increase it by producing angiotensin – a kind of protein that constricts blood vessel. The protein also aids in retaining sodium and water. This activity of retention and constriction keeps blood pressure under check.
  • They help produce red blood cells: Kidneys generate a substance called hormone erythropoietin, which stimulates the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells. This, in turn, increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.
  • They regulate acid: With metabolism, lots of acids are produced as byproducts in your body. Kidneys maintain a healthy balance of the acid-base in your body.