Simply Good News

Yesterday, an insecure king ordered the death of every male child in Bethlehem under the age of two. It was a decree that revealed the nature of people when they are given thrones to rule. Today, we are shocked by the mindless deaths of people at a c...


Church in Action

Left Behind

February 18, 2007. A two-and-a-half month old boy was found in a compartment of Indore-Hingoli express. Not able to trace his parents around, the railway police handed him over to Khandwa district hospital, Madhya Pradesh. ...



Why would God Judge?: Reflections on Genesis 6-9

People write about the biblical account of the Flood from different angles (even Noah – the latest movie on the theme, which, despite its departures from the biblical text, did helpfully emphasise the narrative’s theological balance of ju...



The Power of Praying for Your Children

The sobering news about raising children is that w...


In Question

Celebration with Simplicity

Festivals open up opportunities to open the box of...


Cover Story

Jesus, The Real Star of Christmas

Visitors to India never cease to be amazed at the ...



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