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Hello and Season’s Greetings!

2018 was a remarkable year for Christian Trends, as we launched the full web edition of our magazine in keeping with the latest trends and we want to thank you for being a part of the Christian Trends family.

Just to get those who may be new up to speed—we launched the web edition of the magazine in the second quarter of 2018 at with the sole aim of making evangelical writing on current issues more accessible for the church. The print edition of the Christian Trends magazine was started with the same goal of making evangelical writing from authors around the globe accessible and available to the church. The web edition was launched so that we are updated with the latest issues, and so that we are able to bring the latest news and articles on current issues when they are relevant to our readers (as the print issue is bi-monthly). 2018 was a pilot year for us, with bugs being ironed out and features being added so that the resources and content on becomes more accessible and secure for our readers. In the due process, there was intermittent delay in uploading the articles from the print issues to the website for certain issues. We thank you for bearing with the delays. Just to give you an overview of the various ways in which content is now accessible on Christian Trends:

  1. Articles from the Print Issue in Web Layout
  2. Web Exclusive Articles
  3. The Print Issue (Complete Issue) in PDF Format
  4. Individual Articles from the Print Issue in PDF Format (for easy download and sharing with others).
  5. Author Based Sorting of Articles
  6. Category Based Sorting of Articles
  7. Month/Year Based Sorting of Articles


We have also worked on SEO (search engine optimization) and the search algorithms so that our content is better indexed by Google Search. What does it mean for our readers? Our readers’ keywords or topics search will yield better results on both and Google Search (for content that’s on

In line with all of the above, we are very excited for Christian Trends in 2019. We look forward to a year where we are able to produce more content, regularly and frequently, for our readers, especially on this new medium. Our authors look forward to addressing current issues and topics and bring relevant Christian writing to our readers through Christian Trends. As a team, we are committed to the following, in terms of the web edition of the magazine, towards our subscribers:

  1. Prompt upload of the articles from the print issue. This generally means by the 25th of the issue month. For example, the articles of the April-May issue will be uploaded by 25th of April.
  2. Early access to articles, from the print issue and the web-only articles.[1] The subscribers to the digital (web) version of the magazine will have access to the articles at least 15 days prior to being made generally available. This will help our subscribers to read the articles as soon as it’s uploaded and when it’s relevant.
  3. Access to full subscribers only content such as documentary videos, podcasts, opinion and discussion videos from eminent Christian personalities and info-videos.


We have some excited things planned for 2019 and we look forward to bringing it to you on both the platforms—print and the web. Here are a few things that we’ve planned for Christian Trends in 2019.

  1. More articles and resources—some of which will be web-exclusive content for our digital magazine subscribers. We aim to bring more articles, specific and relevant, with frequent updates. We also look forward to discussing some of the major upcoming events in 2019- both in India and the world.
  2. Videos– This year, we plan to start a video section wherein you can find documentary videos, podcasts, interviews, and opinion videos from eminent Christian thinkers, theologians, leaders and pastors from around the globe, commenting on the crucial issues of the day.


What can you do?

  1. We do this all because of you. You encourage and motivate us to keep going, to write more, and to publish more. If any particular article or issue encourages or motivates you, you can drop us a response email at, which we will pass on to our writers and editorial team.
  2. You can subscribe to the magazine (if you haven’t already) and refer your family and friends to do the same. We are currently running some attractive offers on all subscription variants. Please use the coupon code CTRENDS2019 on checkout to get 25 Percent off on all subscriptions. If you’re an existing subscriber, you can still buy a new subscription at 25 percent discount and it will be added to your existing subscription. You will subscription will help the magazine, while also giving your early and exclusive access to content on the website.
  3. If you’re a prospective writer, please drop us an email at or We are always looking out for new authors who can bring a fresh and relevant perspective to the magazine in their own unique and creative way.
  4. If you have any suggestions, advice or improvements for us to do, please let us know. We are always looking for different ways to improtve and we cherish the feedback we receive from our readers. Please drop us an email at for the same.

So to wind up, we want to thank you again for being part of the Christian Trends family, and for reading this long post. We look forward to more exciting things in this new year, which we can share with you all. You can stay updated with all that’s happening at Christian Trends by signing up for our newsletter here. We promise we won’t spam you (and our future posts and newsletter will be much shorter than this). You can also follow us on social media here.

We pray and wish that you have a blessed 2019.


[1] Due to the way in the Internet is structured, restricting content to members-only for a longer duration can be counter-productive for the magazine as the wider availability and accessibility of the magazine content results in wider viewership/readership which further results in generating ad revenue, which is crucial for the magazine to sustain itself in today’s age of falling revenues. You can help us by subscribing for the magazine (if you’ve not already done it) and encouraging your family and friends to do the same. We are running attractive offers for both new subscriptions and renewals right now.


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